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At CCNG, we know strong brands are built on exceptional customer care. 

It’s why we’ve dedicated our efforts to creating and cultivating a community for the people that make exceptional customer care possible.


CCNG was born in 1991 from a simple “what if?” What if you could enter a room with people like yourself? What if there was a user group independent of the technology being sold? What if there was an easy way to collectively share unbiased information and experiences; to have a voice amongst my peers?


After a quick realization that trade shows and magazines weren’t going to satisfy this desire for community and information exchange, David Hadobas launched CCNG. From hand-written letters to in-person visits and 1-800 numbers to multi-channel support, the customer care industry hasn’t stopped evolving over the 25+ years since CCNG’s start, yet our core principles have remained largely the same.


Together with our members, we believe in: 


1. Relationships built on trust. Long-term success is based on establishing trust-centered relationships. CCNG events encourage in-person and personal relationships that start with a handshake, while our digital community’s relationships thrive on high-value conversations and honest, thoughtful information sharing. 


2. Perpetual learning. From CCNG’s inception, we’ve been learning and building alongside our members to match the ever-changing needs of the customer. To us, learning equals investment, and investment equals progress. We’ll never just be “there” -- but we’ll always be improving. 


3. Technology that solves. We believe in removing bias from the technology equation. We consider technology from the standpoint of how it can improve the issues our members and industry are dealing with at the moment, and believe that customer care professionals talking to other professionals leads to better decisions in tech investments.




David Hadobas

Founder, President and CEO

Maggie McCurdy

Member Community Manager

Lon Hendrickson

Executive Director, Magnet Program


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